Should you give out your phone number online dating

18-Oct-2017 13:26

String the guy along via e-mail, probably never intending to actually meet them, only to stroke your own ego.

Get a pen pal, be honest about what you want and stop pissing off the people who DO want to meet someone. I always do that, or suggest "Hey why dont you text me , cause it sucks trying to continuously email all the time" Its true, especially when the emails are short and its just easier in this day and age to text.

My own father had been recently laid to rest so I wanted to 'be there' for her. I feel like the man should take the initiative and leave his number, I also feel like leaving your number is less threatening than asking for theirs If a guy sends me his phone number on the initial contact I take that as desperate LOL and makes me wonder how many other women he is sending it too, so I delete the email on contact. I normally get the guys numbers after a few emails and block my number (*67 )...and when I do decide to give my number out and it all goes wrong and I want to get rid then I block them, most cell company's give you this facility these days, or I ignore the calls.

Other than that I have not given my number unsolicited. Here is a scenario that I've encountered a couple of times. We each send 3 to 6 messages over the course of a 1 - 3 weeks. Moving forward from that, if I send anything else it gets ignored.

I think it really depends on how well the conversation is going.

I'm one of those old dinosaurs that isn't really comfortable making the first call to a man.

Only once have I given my phone number and that was to one we had already exchanged several e-mails. If you want to speak to the other person, you give them your number. If the conversation is dull and forced, then why bother meeting?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I also wouldn't give them every mode of contact until I felt like I knew them a little bit better.If you were concerned about safety or privacy, you would be willing to pony up the for a throw away cell phone, but that isn't what it is about, is it?These are some of the "games" everyone says they are sick of.Still though, I keep a prepaid phone handy with a number assigned to it aside from my regular number.