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But to the women who had spent so long speaking to the dead, it was an affront to their very existence.To the hippies, Spiritualism fit in nicely to the appealing new movements they were experimenting with: self-guidance, communal living, meditation, mysticism, a life of pleasure and less paint, a close relationship with the environment, living by the golden rule. She is angry, and not afraid to show it, about the “new agey” stuff coming into Camp Etna since the 1960s.One day she saw an old, dilapidated church along the side of the road, covered in sunflowers, and just beyond she spied a purple wrought-iron entrance with white, bold letters: CAMP ETNA.

Today there are 15 women living full-time at the camp.

The Fox family had been tormented by strange noises, bumps, and knocks, like someone was moving furniture around.

That evening, according to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his , Kate “challenged the unseen power to repeat the snaps of her fingers.” The knocking responded.

The same year, the Seneca Falls Convention, held over two days in July 1848, brought participants from all over to discuss the state of women in society.

The atmosphere was “alive with angels,” writes historian Ann Braude in her book , which weaves together the parallel rise of Spiritualism and women’s rights in America.

Diane began hitchhiking up the coast, working her way through Maine, content to spend her fifties as a volunteer carpenter.