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The Fox family had been tormented by strange noises, bumps, and knocks, like someone was moving furniture around.

That evening, according to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his , Kate “challenged the unseen power to repeat the snaps of her fingers.” The knocking responded.

But turn left off the main drag of town, drive down a small gravel path, through the graceful iron gate announcing your arrival into the camp, and the road opens onto a grassy knoll surrounded by a bungalow community of one-room cottages.

Many are painted purple, the camp’s preferred color, some are pink and purple, and nearly every one has a porch.

“Now we have all this ghost hunting, paranormal crap. It’s bullshit,” she says, sitting in a dark cabin at the edge of camp. That all are welcome; their population is on the rise.

Tarot cards and angel painting and all that crap when used to be just straight-up Spiritualism. I’d been beginning to worry about the fate of Spiritualism and Camp Etna, sentimental that its purpose was expired.

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the belief that the dead survive as spirits that can communi-cate with the living, especially through a medium, a person particularly susceptible to their influence.2. Diane began hitchhiking up the coast, working her way through Maine, content to spend her fifties as a volunteer carpenter.After Red passed, she felt his spirit guiding her on a pilgrimage.Arlene Grant, one of the year-round residents, moved here in the 1960s, a time when Spiritualism the religion came into conflict with Spiritualism, the concept: the practice of free will and free love.