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I first asked the young women how they thought their Jewish campus experience would feel most foreign to me.Well, they said, first, I’d be surprised by how few Jewish students have two Jewish parents.

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If I were less narcissistic, I might have noticed, indeed, that my parents’ Jewish young-adulthood was very different from mine.

Second, I’d be surprised by the extremely high level of Jewish illiteracy among Jews.

“Thinking Hanukkah has 12 days, not knowing the difference between the words ‘kiddush’ and ‘kaddish’–this isn’t unusual,” Abby said.

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*The maximum size limit for file upload is 2 megabytes.My 91-year-old mother confirms (I just checked in with her) that her children’s experience, thirty years on, seemed to her worlds apart.Having recently strained to wrap my head around my own twentysomething kids’ Jewish Zeitgeist, I look back at my nuptial experience of the 1970s–marrying the Jewish son of two Eastern European immigrants, which felt to me at the time like an act of free will–as quaint and overdetermined, a sepia Jewish Hallmark card. Time marches on, and what feels, perhaps, assimilative and de-Judaizing to one generation, feels normative to the next.She described its “being hard to find other Jewish kids to feel Jewish with.