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09-Feb-2017 05:42

Sadly, while restoring the car, the owner began to develop dementia and, naturally, the restoration was sidelined in the name of more important things.

Fast-forward roughly 25 years to the Spring of 2015 when the Ford's current owner was notified of its inclusion in an estate sale.

This was the first supercharged ‘Bird since the first gen, I believe, but I might be wrong on this. Anywho, this made the SC a pretty damn fast machine, with Motor Week timing it at 7.2 seconds from launch to 60.

When first released the MN12 Thunderbird was a V6 only machine, with or without superchargers.

Fours were dead and buried, but after a while it was realised that there was still a hardcore of folk for whom there really ain’t no substitute for cubes, forced-induction be damned.

Enter stage left the Windsor V8 in High Output (200hp) flavour.

Where the Thunderbird could play its trump card, though, was in its ability to be made to go quite quickly without becoming as expensive as German imports. 3.8 litres of Essex V6 under the hood, but augmented by a twin-scroll Eaton supercharger to vomit 210 horses out to the five-speed manual transmission.

And if you want to be the star of that parade, this award-winning, largely-original Thunderbird, backing a hot 312 cubic inch V8 with a correct Ford-O-Matic 3-speed, is definitely your kind of classic!