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11-May-2017 06:56

When Emboff delivered demarches on the UNGA Israel resolutions recently (Reftel A), our MFA contact explained that Azerbaijan would follow the OIC line and that there was &an understanding8 with Israel about Azerbaijan,s voting behavior. policy insofar as Azerbaijan tries, often successfully, to convince the U. Israel,s main goal is to preserve Azerbaijan as an ally against Iran, a platform for reconnaissance of that country and as a market for military hardware.Our Israeli contacts do not use the same word but acknowledge that they do not attempt to pressure Azerbaijan on these questions. In order to ensure those goals, the Israelis have keenly attuned themselves to the GOAJ,s needs as an OIC member and a state ) like Israel ) wedged between large, powerful and unfriendly neighbors.

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Good Relations between Azerbaijan and Israel: A Model for Other Muslim States in Eurasia?

IMI sells a range of rocket artillery and BAKU 00000020 002 OF 002 accessories ranging from upgrade kits for Soviet vintage BM-21 &Grad8 122mm systems, guidance packages for 122mm-300mm rockets and launch vehicles for up to 300mm rockets.

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