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03-Nov-2017 10:02

Gartner Predicts that “by 2020, more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element, large or small, of the Internet of Things.” Living in a digitally connected world means innovations are always moving ahead. The Tork Easy Cube™ system is great for facilities where a spotless image is everything!

This includes: entertainment venues, athletic stadiums, major retail areas or open office settings.

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It’s not a secret people dislike public restrooms and will do anything to avoid germs while using one.

Tork Easy Cube™ offers facility wide management software.

Cleaning managers are able to view real-time data from devices and connected dispensers which display on a user-friendly web app.

Due to its size, Navy Pier creates a high level of pressure on cleaning teams to maintain sanitary and organized restrooms.

With the introduction of Tork Easy Cube™, cleaning has become integral with facility schedules and visitor intake.

Though, in the early goings, feels very much like a standard platformer, I hold out hope that things get more interesting later on.As a Yeti, you can smack enemies with your fists or charge up a powerful shockwave attack (performed by slamming both fists into the ground). When not duking it out with the bad guys, Tork must navigate treacherous terrain.If you've collected 50 crystals (which are in abundance), you can press both triggers to unleash the beast's fury attack, which rains down ice shards on all enemies. Time Tork's jumps to avoid a sudden blast of steam from a volcano, hop along floating pieces of land across a river of lava, and avoid being nabbed by a daddy pterodactyl, who'll bring you back to an earlier part of the level if he can get his claws on you.For many businesses, customers overall opinion can change if the restroom is lacking organization or unsanitary.

Thankfully, our friends at Tork have created a solution to help businesses stay one step ahead of restroom cleaning with Easy Cube™.To transform, you need to fill Tork's Fury Meter, done by beating up a bunch of enemies.Hit Y and temporarily transform into the mighty Yeti.What helps stand out a bit from the pack is his ability to transform into three different creatures: A Yeti, armadillo, or flying squirrel.

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