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03-Nov-2017 10:02

In order to face Orgus, Tork must obtain four different objects.

Initially you can only transform into a Yeti, but that's not a bad thing at all.

As a Yeti, you can smack enemies with your fists or charge up a powerful shockwave attack (performed by slamming both fists into the ground). When not duking it out with the bad guys, Tork must navigate treacherous terrain.

If you've collected 50 crystals (which are in abundance), you can press both triggers to unleash the beast's fury attack, which rains down ice shards on all enemies. Time Tork's jumps to avoid a sudden blast of steam from a volcano, hop along floating pieces of land across a river of lava, and avoid being nabbed by a daddy pterodactyl, who'll bring you back to an earlier part of the level if he can get his claws on you.

To transform, you need to fill Tork's Fury Meter, done by beating up a bunch of enemies.

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Hit Y and temporarily transform into the mighty Yeti.

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