Trace cyrus dating hannah beth

25-Feb-2018 06:23

If a bloke stopped me in the street and started to shout blue murder in my face and then went “hahahaha” id have to just walk past him and attempt not to laugh.

Anonymous, July 11, 2008what hanna did was stupid and i understand why jeffree is pissed, but airing her dirty laundry (true or not) on a myspace bulletin is just childish.

And if he was indeed a true friend to Hanna, her actions seem all the more loathsome. Which is pretty sad seeing as audrey got where she is by riding on the back of brendon urie. besides, Hanna has already appeared in a dating show for MTV, which she even admitted was ridiculously staged. shes just hungry for attention, whichever way she can get it.

Jeffree’s anger (although perhaps not his airing of Hanna’s dirty laundry) is justified. Hanna and audrey are the scene equivalent of nicole and paris hilton.

And something else that is funny is Hannah would probably never been big with out the help of Audrey. not friends, Hannah is attention starving, and she will do anything to make her self even bigger.

Like I said about Jeffree, it’s the same thing with Audrey, she’s done hanging on her thread of fame, she moved on to Jeffree, now she’s on to Trace.

I saw on jeffree’s buznet that he doesnt like raquel reed either…

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Not that her situation of her and Jefree had to do with fame, but hey!

The only thing that made Trace big was his so called 15-year old sister Miley Cyrus, without her he would be just another My Space band that will probably never be discovered.