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31-Oct-2017 17:27

Call (US)1.800.833.8586 x3 or 707.778.1124 x3 for details.British tourists on holiday in Tunisia are being escorted by armed police to and from the airport.Now that those days are over women have been put back in their Catholic places.

Both men and women can make a better impression and show respect by understanding how women are viewed in Tunisia: whether they enjoy the same legal rights as men; how they are represented in Tunisian politics, law, medicine, and business; if they can date or choose their own mates and professions, and what they tend to choose.

Matthew James, 30, is still recovering from his wounds after being shot in the Tunisian terror attack but took his family on a Welsh holiday, making it the first time he's visited a beach since the attack.

Tunisia - Daily life and social customs In general. of Tunis, houses collections of fine works dating from the Carthaginian, Roman, and Islamic periods.… continue reading »

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