Turning love into money in chinese online dating sector

26-May-2017 16:30

This allows players to interact with the four male characters via phone calls and social media apps.Social interaction, even though digitalized, is a key element in attracting women to gaming.Wang spent three days winning virtual cards to reach the next phase as the plot thickened.Shen ended up paying roughly 1,000 yuan in the first two weeks for a fast-forward.This aspect has impressed Shen Xuanxuan, 33, a marketing executive at a global information technology firm in Beijing.For Shen, checking "messages" sent by her beloved e-dates has become a morning ritual. The virtual characters effectively fill that void, and they are so good at their job." Shen is not alone in her praise for the game."They are easy to operate, relaxing to play, and potentially have a love storyline as the plot unfolds.These contribute to their massive popularity, and appeal to women," she said.

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Women are seen as more loyal users and have a higher propensity toward impulse spending," said Wang.

Women also account for half of the 310 million users among We Chat's mini games, a popular in-app mobile gaming feature, the company said in January.

"Unlike console-based games that boast big development budgets and require long hours of player participation, mobile games are notably appealing to women because they are light, fun, and, most importantly, address their emotional needs," said Zhang Guowei, senior customer manager at mobile analytics firm App Annie in China.

In the process, Love and the Producer is not only rewriting the rules of the gaming market but shaping a new socio-economic dynamic.

In addition to the four heartthrobs, Love and the Producer boasts an immersive setting and well-crafted graphics, which have impressed millions of Chinese female gamers."Based on rough calculations, I will need to fork out 10,000 yuan to advance through the levels and get to the end. The various add-ons helped game developer Paper Studio rake in more than 200 million yuan in January, as female gamers splurged to receive a digital hug here or an intimate kiss there from their virtual boyfriends, according to Chinese gaming specialist Gamelook.Compared with their male counterparts, female gamers are more prone to in-game purchases for dedicated settings, compelling plots and heartwarming roles, Li said.Gamers need to perform various tasks and collect points in order to trade for more dates with their virtual boyfriends.

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Nov 3, 2012. According to statistics, the amount of singles reached over 30% in China, and among them, 48.5% thought it was due to narrow social circles, while. This interesting phenomenon suggests that more and more people regard dating as a kind of entertainment as someone might find their true love on the.… continue reading »

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Mar 11, 2016. More than half the UK population is now single, according to the Office for National Statistics, and the largely unregulated dating industry is estimated to. My expensive dating journey began when I'd found the occupation I loved, bought a house and resettled in London, only to find the big piece of my life.… continue reading »

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Feb 23, 2018. Love is in the air in China's online dating industry. Two of the country's biggest online dating apps—Momo Inc. and Tantan Ltd.—are pairing off, with Momo announcing that it's paying about $763 million in a cash-and-stock acquisition of its chief rival. It's the biggest acquisition to date for Nasdaq-listed.… continue reading »

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Sep 24, 2017. Professors at the University of Hong Kong or a university in the UK or US might be interested in using our data to study the psychology of love,” says Li, who has the infectious enthusiasm and quirky. Seeking a lesbian wife pressured Chinese gays turn to online dating for 'cooperative marriage'.… continue reading »

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May 14, 2012. Evan Osnos writes about marriage in China, from traditional matchmaking to the rise of online dating sites, especially Gong Haiyan's site. But those practices merely reinforced existing barriers, and for vast numbers of people the collision of love, choice, and money was a bewildering new problem.… continue reading »

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