Ukrainian friendship dating sites

15-Dec-2017 17:42

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But of course, they also register to different Russian dating sites.

But they are not plenty, they have just many names, many faces, many emails, many different sets of pictures.

If they find love in Russia, they will marry here, if they find love in USA, then they will move to their husband.

For some girls it matters where they find a husband.

But the life in Russia has changed and is changing.

There are many very expensive cars that you can see in the streets.

And some marriage agencies with Russian and Ukrainian girls and scammer-artists use this myth to get profit.

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On the first type fo site Russian scammers register in big numbers, on the sites for disabled Nigerian scammers- men and women register in big numbers.

Many men imagine that it is real Russian and Ukrainian girls who do it, they do not think about their future, but may be they will and will change in future. Very often it is companies, where people are taken to work (and salary there are rather big, especially for places far from Moscow and Kiev.

It is a shift work, where some people write letters, others talk on the phone, if needed, others take money by Western Union.

Unfortunately, Russian scammers become so active the last years that for many the words Russian (Ukrainian) dating and Russian (Ukrainian) girls are connected with Russian scamming. They differed from Western women, from American women. Russian and Ukrainian women have and had highest proiority of family values before career and work, they wanted to have good quiet family life.

The iron curtain was raised in the 90 th and Russian girls become popular.

These women can find rich boyfriends (usually not husbands) here, especially in big cities, that give them cars, expensive clothes and holdiays in expensive resorts.