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One of the oldest buildings in Annapolis originally built in the middle of the 1700's and purchased by Horatio Middleton, after his death it was then own and operated by his son Samuel.

Many famous historical personalities have been said to of stayed at the tavern, some of which being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the founder of our country George Washington.

This was a very cold place that had worse feelings.

The Fort was used throughout history in guarding Baltimore Maryland.

It is unsure to who walks the halls of the tavern, which is currently a restaurant and bar.

But, there have been many many occurrences that seem to carry on in story.

Beth is a friendly ghost who has been known to hold open the curtain for employees entering the dock area.

Many employees have also been known to talk to her. Mary's industrial school what housed the infamous Babe Ruth as a small child.

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You'll hear and see ghosts from the far and not so distant past.Many stories of ghosts and ghostly activity include: a shadowy figure marching along the parapets, an evil spirit in the hallway leading to the bathrooms, floating or moving furniture, tour guides during the Ghost Tour being surrounded in unearthly light, and voices heard by employees after the Fort has been closed to visitors.The stories are well known by local residents and many people who worked at the Fort or visited it can attest to these occurrences.You go in the woods past the 3rd baseball field and you'll see a slanted tree where the witch was buried and escaped in the 1800's never to be seen again now it is rumored that on Halloween if you go deep enough into the woods you can see the bodies of the people the witch got hanging from trees.