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The client’s DHCP broadcasts will reach both the DHCP server and the network boot server.However, if either the DHCP server or the network boot server is on a different network segment than the client, or if they are on the same network segment but the network is controlled by a switch or router, we recommend that you update these tables.You can use a GPS navigation device, actually a satellite receiver, while driving; it superimposes a roadmap onscreen using your exact location to provide navigational directions.Click "View map updates for this product." This will tell you the latest version available for your device.Second, prestage clients and direct them to a back-end server and, optionally, the NBP to download.This second step is required only if you are not using DHCP options 66 and 67 to redirect clients.

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Turn on your Street Pilot c340 and navigate to the "Map Info Page." This page will tell you the latest map installed on your device.

A network boot program (NBP) is the first file that is downloaded and executed as part of the Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE) boot process.

Working with a GridView in an Update Panel is simple but when you require a full postbackinstead of an async one you can run into some trouble.… continue reading »

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Enhab-runtime If I haveto do this again, is the docu correct or are there cha… continue reading »

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It's not just for driving, though; you can use it while hiking, camping, geocaching,orienteering and… continue reading »

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