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You can use a GPS navigation device, actually a satellite receiver, while driving; it superimposes a roadmap onscreen using your exact location to provide navigational directions.Click "View map updates for this product." This will tell you the latest version available for your device.If it matches the version currently installed on your Street Pilot c340, you don't need to download a new map.Once it's installed, you can download the updated map for your Street Pilot c340.Causes computers that do not support firmware console redirection to display "Press space or F12 for network boot," using console redirection to serial port 1 or 2.Users can proceed with the boot process by pressing either key, or they can exit the boot process by not pressing either key. When the Auto-Add policy is enabled, it is sent to pending computers to pause the PXE boot and report back the client computer's architecture to the server. PXE referral cases (including use of Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) options 66 and 67) Updating the IP Helper tables means updating the routing tables for your networking equipment to make sure that DHCP traffic is directed correctly.

As such, you can use the same NBP for both x86-based and x64-based operating systems that have BIOS, because both are capable of running this program.

A PXE referral (also known as a network boot referral) occurs when a client is directed to download an NBP from a different server than the one it was in communication with through DHCP (as part of the process to discover the network boot server name and NBP).

This referral may be initiated by either a network boot server or a DHCP server.

The following areas are covered in this section: Configuring PXE boot referrals involves two steps.

First, you must configure the front-end and back-end servers.This will enable you to download the updated map onto your device.Turn on your Street Pilot c340 and navigate to the "Map Info Page." This page will tell you the latest map installed on your device.This page is located in the resource section below.