Updating layer states

06-Mar-2018 18:47

TY Hi For starters have a browse of the following threads (and all links found within)... XREF files not Updating Xref Titleblock - Xref visretain set to 0 and another Xref set to 1 Linetype Problem Have a good one, Mike No, only when you open your working dwg the xref is updated.After that it is your issue to reload it, if you leave your working dwg open for weeks and do not reopen it, you have an xref attached for week that is not updated, maybe the file not exist anymore.Freeze the layers you want to be invisible for long periods.If you plan to switch visibility settings frequently, use the On/Off setting to avoid regenerating the drawing.

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By the way, when you set it to “0” – you will loose all of your layer ON/Off settings for all xrefs, not just the one that was not working right.

Hello, I have a background that it is constantly being upgraded due to changes this drawing is being xref into the MEP working dwgs.