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10-Jan-2018 18:13

On the next screen you can choose to provide additional information to enable URL redirection.

This will allow us to redirect requests for your original URLs to their new location within Squarespace in an SEO friendly way.

If you choose to proceed with Steps 4 and 5, your media assets will be transferred to Amazon S3 storage.

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After the update, I am now getting the following error (specifically when Movable Type attempts to generate a Trackback, and I do need internal Trackbacks on my site): A larger snippet of the code from Request.pm, from the top of the file, is below. But I am hoping someone might be able to tell me if there is a relatively easy way to address this.

You can access and enable this page clicking the Website Management link and navigating to Architecture under the Structure heading.

Sep 20, 2007. Except in the rare instances where I only have FTP access to a server, I never install or upgrade Movable Type—or, for that matter, any other web-based software—in this way. If your MT site is hosted on a server running a Unix-based operating system and you have command-line access to it either directly.… continue reading »

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Mar 14, 2013. updated administrator address in phpmyadmin for movable type; Navigate to your Movable Type Dashboard login page, and click the Forgot your password? link. Enter the new admin email address you set in step 6, and click the Reset button. requesting an email for movable type password recovery… continue reading »

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Movable Type includes a lot of non-compiled CPAN libraries in your extlib directory. The idea is that this makes it easier for people to run it who can't install modules. Unfortunately, when you upgrade Perl but not Movable Type, those modules mask the proper and necessary ones that are either bundled.… continue reading »

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Jan 7, 2013. Movable Type 4.2x/4.3x - Web Upgrade Remote Code Execution Metasploit. CVE-2012-6315,CVE-2013-0209. Remote exploit for Multiple platform. Tags Metasploit.… continue reading »

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