Updating nokia n95 firmware

02-Jun-2017 21:51

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My main reason for updating the firmware is the 3g signal in my house is bad, hold the hand set out of a window or the door its great LOL.I am a bit wary of unbranding as I only just got it, but happy with coverage everywhere else and use.Managed to keep virtually everything using nokia suite, application menu wasnt working right intially on the home screen and locking me out of the menu options got into eventally, factory reset sorted that. Im having a few problems with my handset, and I think I might have to send it back to 3.

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Your current Product Code should be displayed, please take note of this. Click the ‘Enable’ box next to Product Code and change the code from 0570631 (3UK) to 0567045 (EURO1). Click the Production Data Edit ‘Write’, see Figure 4.

NOTE: These are my views only and its always up to the individual and at their risk to tamper with product codes and firmware 🙂 But its pi55 easy, so on you go 🙂 Hi, Many thanks took the plunge, can access everything, even download games, windows live no go (dont use it anyway).

Iplayer works better allows me to download, wouldnt give me that option on the version before, all very smooth. I cant believe I paid for the exact same steps on e Bay.

Could someone on the 3 UK network who also recently got an E71 post their original 3 firmware product code please, if you dont mind, I would appreciate it.

Well I having a further tinker, as did intially try to get windows live working with three link though it left a question mark on the application on the phone, so was trying to get rid of it, However I have managed to get it working, downloaded though dont know if three will charge me.It seems that the mods that my mobile company had made to the original firmware weren’t compatible with the new firmware, resulting in it not being able to boot up.Somehow I did get it to boot, re-installed the new firmware, and left out the phone settings from the backup restore. Once again, thanks gerrymoth, you’ve ended a week of tearing my hair out!I dont understand, how can two E71’s can have the same product code?

The Nokia N95 8GB is indeed a wonderful device and what else can be more welcome for a device of this stature other than a firmware update. Close on the heels of updates for N79, 5800 Xm, N95 Classic, Nokia has announced the availability of the Firmware update version 31.0.015 from the current.… continue reading »

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Steve Litchfield over from Allaboutsymbian brings news that v31.0.015 is available for the Nokia N95 8the N95 8GB has no UDP you need to back up all your data before updating your N958GB to v.31.0.015.… continue reading »

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