Updating operating system on iphone 3

18-May-2017 12:56

At the moment of testing it offered the widest range of possibilities, so we will consider it a kind of starting point for the rest.

Seven covers are offered: standard interfaces of i OS, Android and WP, brand cover Keyboard, Cover-sketch and others.

Period, comma and some additional characters are available.

So we can be sure of their realization on the new platform in the near future.Judging from our own experience with the keyboards, we could note that the mere presence of this line predetermined the choice of the apps. The keyboard settings can be shown by pressing the button with a special icon.A very useful feature is keyboards height adjustment, separately for portrait and landscape modes.In comparison with the native keyboard, third-party ones have some advantages: new options, inputting of the text by sliding your finger, saving the settings in the "cloud", a whole bunch of covers, and of course additional characters.

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