Updating portage cache

21-Mar-2017 23:18

The overlay contains the newest development version of josm, including ebuilds of some plugins.By using the "x86"-keyword you get a stable release, the "~x86"-keyword installs the svn-version. Note that, with a 33.6 connection a few hours after getting the portage-latest file, an 'emerge sync' took (only) 18 minutes including the time to update the portage cache.or whatever target you like, fix any blockages reported and make note of any 'F' ebuilds which you will have to download manually. q: Finished 40004 entries in 0.292586 seconds * Copying old database to /var/cache/eix/* Running eix-update Reading Portage settings... [0] "gentoo" /usr/portage/ (cache: metadata-md5-or-flat) Reading category 166|166 (100) EMPTY!

If your install doesn't have that luxury, but you have access to a machine that does, here's a way to get the files you need to update with.It is _highly_ recommended ~ * that you update portage now, before any other packages are updated. ~ * Please do so and then update ALL of your configuration files. (Ici je prends la *confiance* et je fais ca) *3* alfred files # emerge portage [] | /var/tmp/~ * Feature additions are noted in help and descriptions.

~ * GENTOOLKIT will need to be updated to at least 0.2.0 for some tools ~ * to work properly. Maintaining current configs ~ * for portage and other system packages is fairly important for the ~ * continued health of your system.

on a portable storage device (usb hard drive, flash memory, whatever your plan is), and take it to your internet connection.

Alpine Linux package management. From Alpine Linux. Jump to navigation, search. Create a cache directory on the device you store your lbu backups.… continue reading »

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Installation. To get the JOSM editor, enter the following command as superuser. Portage emerge -av josm Paludis paludis -i josm Overlay. The overlay contains the.… continue reading »

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