Updating ruby os x

25-May-2017 12:03

I provide instructions for compiling Ruby 1.9 for rbenv here. I have used this technique with easy success on Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion.Dan Benjamin’s Hivelogic article Installing Ruby, Ruby Gems, and Rails on Snow Leopard is the recommended place to go although the article is for 1.8, so here’s a Ruby 1.9-specific install on Snow Leopard. either go all 64-bit ‘fat’ (as is – for example – Apache on OS X, which can cause problems with 32-bit libraries) or check any gems you’re likely to use to make sure they’re okay for 64-bit.On Debian 9 (stretch), it is Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 302 (and below, possibly above, including ruby enterprise edition) have a known compiler bug, however compiling Ruby will finish without errors.The bug will cause a segmentation fault whenever an SSL connection is opened, like .../timeout.rb:60: [BUG] Segmentation fault.

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I ran into the same problem using Rails 3.0.1 which requires Bundler v1.0.0 – v1.0.22 Check your bundler version using: There are several other version managers to consider, see for a few examples and one that’s not listed there that I’ll be giving a try soon is ch-ruby. RVM is my mainstay, though it sometimes has the odd problem (hence my wish to try ch-ruby when I get a chance).

This is one long line, so if something goes wrong, make sure that you got the whole thing.

Upgrading RVM RVM. Between releases only bugfixes and ruby version updates are added to it. When updating very old versions head should be used.… continue reading »

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The following instructions for installing Ruby have been tested on Mac OS X. How to Install and Run Ruby on Mac OS X. to finish updating.… continue reading »

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