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[Update: added example of updating the sextant gem, which causes Rails to be updated as well.] [Another update: see the comment below from Andy Waite about an official, approved, documented way to update as few gems as possible.] Hey Ruby developers, When you run bundle update to update your gems, it updates all of them at once.If your app stops working or your tests start failing, it can be pretty hard to figure out which gem update broke it.I recommend this be your default way to update a gem.If it doesn’t work due to a dependency conflict with other gems then you can always fall back on bundle update By the way, the bundle update documentation does mention conservatively updating dependencies.Gems are installed in /usr/lib/ruby/gems, if you run the gem command as root and in your home directory (under .gem), if you run it as a normal user.Rubygems is not updated, if you just run 'gem update', it only updates installed gems.If you want rubygems to update itself you can run 'gem update --system'.

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Neither of them is that great: would just update that gem.

I started diving into Bundler’s code and specs to see exactly what this does but it was taking more time than I wanted to spend.

But I’ve been using this for more than a year and it works great.

So what will happen if ruby is upgraded through pacman? So changes by updating rubgems (the gems manager) by itself will conflict with pacman. The gems are updated by rubygems, ok, this is cumbersome, but ok, works fine with pacman since the directory where the gems are placed is therefore managed by rubygems.

But rubygems (the gems manager) is content of a package managed by pacman, be it 'ruby' or 'rubygems' that doesn't matter.

Having it built in definitely makes distribution easier as anyone who has ruby installed has rubygems.

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