Updating table with values from another table

04-Mar-2017 08:32

In the ideal world, I would know how to create an SQL query to pull and filter results as I need it.But in the absence of that, I created the same fields (Name, email, etc) on the professional information table and I'm trying to bring the personal information (PILOT_BASIC) over to the professional table (PILOT_CERT) To answer the question about the error, one problem is that you are trying to join PILOT_BASIC to itself using the alias PILOT_CERT for both instances of the table. And PILOT_CERT seems to be the name of the table you are trying to update, so you have three things named PILOT_CERT in the query, Your query: The error containing "more than one table" makes me think that you are not connected to a fully functional database but to database tables based on text files or spreadsheets. If so, I think you will have to import the data into fully functional tables in order to do joins, which isn't very difficult. DATE I can do a select and retrieve the information from TABLE2, but I can't figure out how to update in a SQL statement. ************************************************************************** Notice of Confidentiality: This e-mail communication and the attachments hereto, if any, are intended solely for the information and use of the addressee(s) identified above and may contain information which is legally privileged and/or otherwise confidential.I have 2 tables and I'm wanting to update the values in the first with the corresponding values in the second, e.g.The reason I am mentioning this is because I have seen people write wrong where clauses and then wondering what went wrong because they specified the correct condition in the SET clause.

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PROC SQL ; UPDATE table1 AS a LEFT JOIN table2 AS b ON a.var1 EQ b.var1 SET a.var2 = b.var2 ; QUIT ; 65 LEFT JOIN ---- 79 76 ERROR 79-322: Expecting a SET.

One contains contact information, and the other contains professional information.