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Coded UI Tests are particularly useful where there is validation or other logic in the user interface, for example in a web page.They are also frequently used to automate an existing manual test.Numbers entered without area codes will have a default area code prepended to them. Any extensions will be listed as xnnnnn following the phone number. If an initial 1 is added to the number, it will be removed, since users already know to dial a one before making a long distance call.With these rules in mind, let's create the validation code for a text box named txt Phone: Private Sub txt Phone_Validate(Cancel As Boolean) Dim str Temp As String Dim str Phone As String Dim str Extension As String Dim int Result As Integer Const Default Area Code = "703" ' ' Remove all the grouping characters for ' now. ' str Temp = Replace(txt Phone, "(", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, ")", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, "-", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, " ", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, "X", "x") ' ' Break up the digits into the number and ' the extension, if any.He is certified in Visual Basic 5.0 and Windows Architecture (1 and 2). The new home for Visual Studio documentation is Visual Studio 2017 Documentation on docs.

A coded UI test can automate the initial (F5) scenario, verifying that code churn does not impact the functionality of your application. You simply perform the test manually while the CUIT Test Builder runs in the background.

The code first removes all the grouping and separator characters, except for the X, which marks the beginning of an extension.

It was best to convert uppercase X's to lowercase x's for purposes of comparison.

As shown in the following illustration, a typical development experience might be one where, initially, you simply build your application (F5) and click through the UI controls to verify that things are working correctly.

You then might decide to create a coded test so that you don’t need to continue to test the application manually.Next, the code parses out the phone number and the extension. The phone system is such that you can't have a 1 as the first number of either an area code or a phone number prefix.You will then either have a ten-digit phone number or a seven-digit phone number.Depending on the particular functionality being tested in your application, you can write code for either a functional test, or for an integration test that might or might not include testing at the UI level.

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