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25-Mar-2017 12:43

As far as I have discovered there isn't a Yashimat.

In the early days there were Yashima Flex and Yashica Flex, and prior to these Pigeonflex.

45mm f/2.8 fixed lens with split-image rangefinder. The Yashica website is registered in Hong Kong, hosted in the U.

By 1967 I'd dabbled into 2 1/4" square with a Yashicamat twin-lens-reflex. I can hear some of the young ones out there, "what the hey is a Yashika? S., and the prices in the English language ad are in Hong Kong currency.

In 2008 the Yashica trademark rights were sold to the Hong Kong-based MF Jebsen Group and in March 2015, 100 Enterprises International Group Co. The latest video features the smartphone lens (very briefly) and a rangefinder-styled camera *** which is not a 'historical' Yashica ***This mysterious camera has a cocking and film feed lever and a rewind button (which might be dummies, should the camera be digital). So it's obvious that this "unprecedented" camera will be a digital RF with two interchangeable sensors (think Ricoh GXR)..with a Bayer array for color, and the other without, for monochrome.

Make it M-mount and you've got a nice (and hopefully affordable) camera. Maybe this question was raised in earlier comments already - but why do viewers think this might be a digital camera to come?

Almost from day one it ruined every single shot with some degree of light leakage, then the winder mechanism started slipping so I'd get massive yellow/red patches over half/double exposures. For some reason, I got the Auxiliary lenses, case and flash too, and that's how I sold it about a moth later.

My first 35mm film camera was a Yashica I got from my dad when I took a photography lessons in 9th grade (when he got a superior Olympus for him).But this is because an original Electro camera is being featured, I suspect to generate nostalgia and interest in whatever the brand has in mind.More intriguing is the actor using the camera as though to take a selfie, something physically impossible to do unless she has arms about one metre long.Both cameras found their way into trade-in/pawn-shop when I opted for old (even then) Canon range-finders (screw mount) with Leica lenses .. Yashika was a well respected name years ago in cameras. If they want to show smoking in an ad targeting Japanese customers, they would do well to acquire the domain and host one with Japanese captioning there.doesn't belong to yashica. In the internet world, no one cares where an add is hosted. The actress is obviously Japanese and it's located in Japan. Source: I live in [email protected] Chefs: "doesn't belong to yashica."I recommend that read posts fully before replying.