Western electric sewing machine dating

21-Oct-2017 21:02

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With the 8841 manual in hand, I took Gandalf to my local service shop for a good cleaning and basic tune-up.Even the repair guy was unfamiliar with the unusual feature for turning the stitch dial, and after a little convincing, decided he would keep the manual with the machine just in case.Download the BERNINA Toolbox embroidery software and create beautiful embroidery designs right away.Get all in one: Buy the Toolbox Bundle and get access to all modules plus choose 600 designs from our design library.Get inspired to create with the bernette machines and their brand-new Swiss design!Discover the wide range of products on and convince yourself of the good quality and easy-of-use at attractive prices. But in my message board searching, I got the impression that the sewing machines made under the label “Wizard” were sold to Brother, a company that still makes sewing machines today.(Too bad Brother doesn’t provide good online records about their vintage machines like Singer and some other brands do!

So a search for an obituary online produced one that seemed to line up with name, location, and date of death.Once I had the manual for the 8841, I learned there was a trick to turning the stitch selector (or “Automatic Pattern Selecting Knob”.) At first, I thought my machine’s knob was just stiff and difficult to turn from years of storage, but it turned very easily once I knew to hold the zig-zag width knob in the neutral position at the same time.This releases the tension on the cams, and it requires both hands – see photo example below.My next step in learning about my Wizard machine was a serious hunt for a new needle plate with measurement marks.

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Part numbers and copyright dates seem to be impossible to find in old manuals, which are only about how to use a machine.The picture labeled “B4139.jpg” appeared to be the best match. I chose to pay a dollar more for the needle plate from a seller who took very clear photos and included one of the underside of the plate – which made it unmistakable that it matched the unmarked plate currently on my Wizard.I then did a search on ebay including “B4139” hoping it was a part number because I suspected the “B” stood for “Brother”. (I also discovered that part B4139 is the same as part number NZ3LG.) Evidently, there are at least four Brother sewing machine models that use the same needle plate because the ebay listing titles included 4 different model numbers.Wizard brand was a line of tools made by Western Auto which included sewing machines.

May 26, 2014. Above is a photo with a tiny shot of a Western Electric that I was hoping had the smaller base that a Singer 99 needs. The Singer 99 is the. At the ISMACS site you can find dating information for Pfaff, New Home, Elna, and White sewing machines that might help narrow the dating process. But what about.… continue reading »

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