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You know, with the music that myself and other artists that choose that purpose, I think it’s really just to raise the consciousness of people and say, 'Hey, we’re people here that are created from the same God that you’re created from, that love like you love, and want to enjoy our children, and want to laugh, and we cry.' We’re human beings. And though she was a Black Panther, that didn’t necessarily make her a murderer, you know."On whether joy and beauty should replace “gratuitous violence and misogyny” in hip-hop"I think the joy and the beauty is very necessary in hip-hop also. I know we’ve been depicted in media as other things, but don't forget we are human beings."On critics opposing his 2011 White House visit, citing his song lyrics in support of Assata Shakur"I will never condone or support the killing of any human beings — no police officers, no Black people, no White people, no Asian. But it would be — I would be going against what art, and music, and even the First Amendment is to — for me to say that we shouldn’t express ourselves, people shouldn’t be able to speak and say they like. It would be great to have a balance because hip-hop culture is balanced. Due to tight schedule they were not spotting together during this and previous year, after which their split up news viral at media.Again this year they had spotted together that looks they are back.Well unfortunately, some of my friends didn’t have a father or a mother that was there for several reasons. I’m about bringing love and life." On his most recent music project"…Things have grown.And I always looked at that and said, 'Man, I want to help people who don’t have.' Because these are people that I saw that are good people that I cared about, and they just didn’t have some of, you know, just the natural blessings that human beings deserve."On whether he sees himself as an "elder statesman" within hip-hop culture"I feel like my experiences and my opportunities are the things that I want to bring to our youth and say, ‘Hey y’all, I’ve been able to achieve some of these things and I’m still striving to grow and do even greater things, but I wanted you all to know that you have the opportunity to achieve this and more.’ And though, you know, I feel like I’m still a child in certain manners as far as just growing and learning more about art, and music, and life and culture, I still have some ways that are childish. It’s an album now, and it’s called 'A Bigger Picture Called Free'… It’s just so many things, topics, and issues that I’m talking about, and it’s music.I always end up looking too casual, or overdoing it.

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He's also working with Allstate on a scholarship program for students at historically black colleges.) with Common by her side is actually his assistant Kristen.Seeing as how Rashid has been known to mix business and pleasure in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised if he is indeed now smashin’ her eclectic cakes to smithereens.My mom always taught my sisters and me to be ourselves and to stay true to who we are.

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