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01-Sep-2017 08:50

I wonder how her wife feels reading those self-hating and homophobic comments.And there's Clementine Ford, about whom Cybil Shepherd was Tweeting, "I love my LESBIAN daughter!" who then, of course, found a man, got pregnant, and is happily heterosexual. Michelle Rodriguez, who last year said that fucking men was a refreshing change from all those years of pussy-munching.These Hollywood Fake Lesbians make everything seem like a choice, a whim, a playful jaunt for publicity. Then the other issue is the media that instead of labeling things in the right way (like "x person is in a same sex relationship/had same sex encounters") , they just play the lesbian or gay term in case of men when people who previously had straight relationship/sex are in a same sex rl/sexual encounter.Whatever you do, don't ask most femmes to come out of the glass closet.

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Women still want their pussy with some dick on the side.

Lady Gaga is "proudly and always" bisexual but only with a man. I don't follow Cynthia Nixon private life, but i've never heard rumors about her being a lesbian during the SATC run. The problem is not when she retracted her claim, is when she did it in the first place. Ex what some poster above posted about Amber Heard with the "ex lesbian with a man" title. They've always been bisexual to begin with, whether they like it or not.