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(She listed herself as "Amber Van Ree" in incorporation documents, for political donations [where using an alias is illegal], and probably on the home they co-owned [I never saw the lease, though], and they'd been wearing matching rings since '07.) And she hadn't been with a man for over a decade. Then comes the bad stuff: Amber "comes out", but non-specifically, not mentioning Tasya, followed by their apparent break-up, followed by her PRomance with Depp, which has now graduated to "marriage".

Is Johnny so drunk he doesn't know he's married to a lesbo?

[quote]So many are in the closet or won't come out.

They're different from the gay men It's easier for gay women to fly under the radar.

Amber Heard isn't a lesbian, she's always openly identified as bi.

It was the media that was keen to label her as an "ex-lesbian now married to Depp".

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Lady Gaga is "proudly and always" bisexual but only with a man. I don't follow Cynthia Nixon private life, but i've never heard rumors about her being a lesbian during the SATC run. The problem is not when she retracted her claim, is when she did it in the first place. Ex what some poster above posted about Amber Heard with the "ex lesbian with a man" title. They've always been bisexual to begin with, whether they like it or not.

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