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29-Nov-2017 07:57

The easiest way to install Windows Media Player 11, and as with Internet Explorer 7 final version, is to patch the Windows registry with WPA hack, as described in ways to bypass validation during installation in IE7 and in method 15 to crack and disable WGA validation and notifications in Windows.

The trick insert WPA (Windows Product Activation) related activated value into registry to make the Windows as is genuine, licensed and legal.

However, during installation of WMPlayer 11, there is still Windows Genuine Advantage Validation check required on Windows OS that you plan to install WMP11.

If you unable to pass the validation verification, the following tricks and hacks may help you to install Windows Media Player 11.

I got wmp11-windowsxp-x86from Microsoft Downloads, when I run it, tell me you must Validation your Windows : is any way ?!

The final gold version 11.0.5721.5145 of Windows Media Player 11 has been released by Microsoft, and Windows users can download Windows Media Player 11 final directly from Microsoft without any WGA validation check and test on Windows OS.

I recently wasn’t able to install Windows Media Player 11 on one of my laptops, says it can’t run the verification tool, not that it’s an invalid key, but that it just can’t start the tool to verify the damn thing.

Install Windows Media Player 11 bypassing validation. Install Windows Media Player 11 bypassing validation on… continue reading »

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