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Main - Ethica (prot warrior) Stormrage-US-Alliance | Alt - Windowpane (guardian druid) Stormrage-US-Alliance | Alt - Ehgrieza (Blood DK) Stormrage-US-Alliance | Alt - Remission (Prot pally) Stormrage-US-Alliance | Alt - Bananabeam (resto shammy) Stormrage-US-Alliance | Alt - Samhain (demo warlock) Kil'Jaeden-US-Horde | The horde toons Krain and Baskol are not [email protected] - your main is not connected to your alts simply because you have different achievement points on your main compared to the alts.Update all of your alts in-game and then on Guild Ox and they will link up.

Inside your existing form validation script, you'd use the following code to call the zip code validation function. If users ignore the input message and enter a number that is not valid, you can show them an error alert. Check 'Show error alert after invalid data is entered'. You can use Excel's Go To Special feature to quickly select all cells with data validation.Perl Scripts All Count Attachment Mailer Build A FAQ Plus Clock In Center e Backup Automated Easy Poll e Survey Fetch a File Form Maker Mailing List Server My SQL Mate PDF Creation QCart Quick Fix Quote of the day Speed Search Task Manager Traffic Pack Upload Plus Upload Gold Upload Pro Website Manager This javascript checks the length of a zip or post code entered into a form and if the length is equal to 9 numeric characters will then format it with a hyphen inserted after the 4th character. Users may enter alpha characters or non numeric characters in the zip code such as hyphens and or spaces.

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The Javascript will remove all non numeric charcters and return the formated zip code. None of my alts are at 90 yet, and all of the 85's are on Proudmoore...I don't expect them to show up, since I haven't started leveling them yet, but I'd like to remove the toon that's not me from the page.While the recent addition of account-wide achievements caused a few challenges for us here at Guild Ox, it also brought its fair share of new opportunity.

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